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When Should Your Child Have Their First Eye Exam?

Ensuring your child is set up for success entails giving them the best eye care. Vision plays a significant role in children’s learning. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), 80% of learning for a child happens through their eyes.

What Is Dry Eye: Signs and Symptoms

Dry eye disease is an eye condition that occurs when your tears don't sufficiently lubricate your eyes. Tears can be unstable and inadequate for various reasons. For example, you can have dry eyes if you produce poor-quality or fewer tears. As a result, the tearing instability causes inflammation and damage to the surface of your eyes.

When to Start and When to Stop Myopia Management in Children

Nearsightedness or myopia is a common condition. The American Optometric Association reports that about 30 percent of Americans have this condition. This includes both adults and children. It is a refractive error or vision problem that makes it difficult to see faraway objects or images.

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